Oral Survey #62

By Raia Fink

Date: Mon, 11 May 1998 16:39:43 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: sticky-wickets and ORAL SURVEYS

note: you have entered the realm of ORAL SURVEY. Please keep your arms
and legs inside the car at all times, and try not to split your

ORAL SURVEY: answer the following questions aloud

Part: of me

1. What did you get your mom for mothers' day?

a) a new rubber enema hose
b) a hug and a kiss and herpes
c) flowers
d) a small sized vegetable strainer
e) a super soaker 2900

2. What's invisible and smells like worms?

a) Mac Spawn
b) condensed mushroom soup
c) free range helium
d) the Necrinomicon
e) German Pride
f) bird farts

3. The newest (and therefore most wiggedy-wiggety-wack) form of music is:

a) Puff Daddy's garden chimes
b) acapella techno
c) electronic yodelling
d) monk canticles in the key of g minor
e) grape pez

4. Where would this country be without this great land of ours?

a) on welfare
b) on crack
c) on pangea
d) right where it alway was, but belonging to its rightful caretakers
e) flying with wings and tails right outta ronald reagan's pickled grey ass
f) polluted by the impurities inherent in the air and water

5. What's YOUR favorite element (earth, wind, fire and phleghm not included)?

6. Which witch is Which?

a) huh?
b) I'm every woman, it's all in me
c) which bitch where?
d) huh?

7. Decide which one is pure evil incarnate, and which one is the imposter.

a) the porch/lanai
b) Jeb Tennyson Lund

Thank you for participating in ORAL SURVEY. Please come again.
#2 "go take a nap" --things raia thinks you should do (for the good of all

Raia "merbeldebop" Fink

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