Oral Survey #33

By Raia Fink

Date: Wed, 10 Dec 1997 21:24:46 -0500 (EST)
Subject: pardon me, sir, are those ORAL SURVEY jeans you're wearing?

note: so I had the pleasure of being in the room when my most excellent
friend Susan got the last ORAL SURVEY, and at first, she didn't
want to follow the rules and 'answer the following questions aloud'
she just wanted to answer them aloud in her head. But after only a
minimal amount of prodding on my part, susan did 'answer the
following questions aloud, and frankly, it made my day. My point
is this: I need to be sure that all of you are following the
rather simple directions. You need not do it immedialtely upon
recieving the survey, but it has to be done for successful
completion of the survey on your part. I'm not asking much of you,
am I? no. But it's not called subliminal survey, it's called
ORAL SURVEY. So answer the fucking questions aloud, o.k.?

ORAL SURVEY: answer the following questions aloud.

part: 99 red balloons (luftballoons)

1. Can you make sausage? how 'bout an omlet? or bread?

2. The fitting 'aggressive male' phrase is:

a) oh yeah?
b) grrr (as he hits an inanimate object to relieve frustrations)
c) you wanna make something of it?
d) leave me alone, guys, c'mon, please???
e) pass the hammer, chuck.

3. Choose the best combination:

a) peas & carrots
b) ethyl & methyl
c) grapes & nuts
d) 21-29-39
e) 36-24-36 (warning: patriarchal lie!!!!!)
f) Laverne & Hardy

4. I've got:

a) ants in the pants
b) whiskey in the jar
c) one in the hand, two in the bush
d) a walrus pup named Calloway
e) you babe

5. Is it more wholesome to forgive and forget, or to give and to get?

6. Can you dig it? (lovingly?)

7. They're not just good, they're !

Thank you for participating in ORAL SURVEY. Please come again.
#222 "Apologize a lot, but don't change."--Life's Little De-struction Book
Oh, I'm sorry, BeckyII, for all the things I've said n done.
note: so, folks, have you bashed yer BeckyII today?

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