Oral Survey #22

By Raia Fink

Date: Mon, 1 Dec 1997 01:27:57 -0500 (EST)
Subject: ORAL SURVEY (director's cut) PG

note: sorry about the delay in ORAL SURVEY. But what can you do?
nothing, so give it up.

ORAL SURVEY: answer the following questions aloud

Part: Apollo 13

1. Rocketman is:

a) in the dark
b) cranky
c) my hero
d) my loveslave
e) oppressed, repressed, and outdated
f) underage

2. Suppose there were no survey...

3. Answer these questions with sequitorial lines from your favorite songs:

a) Where, oh where, is the fresh snow with ice?

b) Who brought the dip?

c) What are Albanian clog mites good for?

d) Can you dig it (lovingly)?

e) Cream of what?

4. Do you have a sibling by the name of:

a) Ali
b) Frye
c) Chili Anna
d) Franklin Mae
e) Johnny Tutone

5. What doesn't NBC stand for?

6. The angle of the dangle is inversely proportional to:

a) the heat of the meat
b) the noodle in the strudle
c) the dog in the bog
d) red rover, red rover
e) my left foot

7. Why?

Thank you for participating in ORAL SURVEY. Please come again.
#133 "Prophesy woe, financial chaos, and domination by Japan"
--Life's Little De-struction Book

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