Oral Survey #8

By Raia Fink
Date: Wed, 12 Nov 1997 12:18:13 -0500 (EST)
Subject: every day is ORAL SURVEY day (almost)

note: hey, I just counted. There's exactly thirty-four (not including
this one) more previously written surveys to go before i have to even
think about composing some new ones. And yer all hooked!!! ha ha. Don't
forget to hook others if you wish. Or you could get out now, before its
too late!!! never, ha ha ha!

ORAL SURVEY: answer the following questions aloud

part: eleventy-six

1. 'The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain' is a/n

a) poem
b) memory device
c) Darwinian theory
d) geometric theorm
e) like a grape, only less so
f) a ditty/jingle

2. The proper size pianist is:

a) 6ft 2in, 250 lbs.
b) 5.5 in
c) 5ft even
d) I can appreciate any size pianist

3. Autumn is my favorite .

4. This type of ORAL SURVEY should:

a) live forever in infamy
b) burn in hell
c) stick around a bit
d) run through the wash
e) give good people bad cramps

5. Yes or no, the end?

6. Gorillas in the mist are:

a) actively partaking in a morning bath
b) stupid
c) plain

7. The best fabric is:

a) tweed
b) plaid
c) rayon
d) cotton/poly blend
e) rubberized flannel
f) naugahyde

Thank you for participating in ORAL SURVEY
#45 "develop a conveniant memory"--Life's Little De-struction Book

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