Oral Survey #37

By Raia Fink

Date: Sun, 21 Dec 1997 02:52:16 -0500 (EST)
Subject: make ORAL SURVEYS, not war

note: most pacifists are afraid of war. others realize that ORAL SURVEY is
just a better cause. That's it. I'm just taking advantage of a rare
fast connection.

ORAL SURVEY: answer the following questions aloud

Part: N44-12-30-ish. (p.s. free crack here)

1. Mr. Bruce Munro has:

a) multiple orifices
b) several offices
c) an metal plate in his skull
d) a skull on his plate.

2. The most appropriate architectural term is:

a) lofted
b) scallopped
c) chicken ranch style
d) bungalo
e) bung hole

3. What comes after the end?

a) applause
b) the real end
c) bar hopping
d) 'nother
e) fritters

4. Describe inertia on a frictionless plane

5. Now add lots of friction

6. The tropic is:

a) home of tropicana juice
b) chilly-fresh
c) under morman faith
d) errant
e) renting space on the lunar calendar

7. Interpret the following:

a) the theme to 'Bonanza'

b) meringue

8. Oralize your favorite phoenetic abhorration. Now!!!

Thank you for participating in ORAL SURVEY. Please come again.
Know what? I can't find the Life's Little De-struction Book. Yer just
gonna have to deal. I'm sure you can think of something evil to do on yer
own. If not, you can always harrass BeckyII. Though it's morally right,
it's just as fun as sinning.

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